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Clean Technology

Hemp Circle Industries LLC is a full service advisory firm guiding clients, from a wide range of industries, through the practical and implementable solutions necessary to integrate hemp into their products and value chains.  From where to get optimum raw inputs (not all hemp is equal) and product development support to managing global research efforts, Hemp Circle Industries has the team for the job.

In this rapidly emerging economy, whether your company or organization is seeking sustainable inputs or superior performance, hemp has time and again, proven to be one of the most beneficial and valuable species out of the plant kingdom for industrial purposes.  HCI is here to help you understand the advantages of hemp as a circular material and work with you in integrating it profitably into your business. 

As the Founder of the Leaders in Energy LinkedIn Group, Janine Finnell serves as a Clean Energy  Ambassador currently attracting a growing number of members worldwide in collecting information and exchanging ideas to build a specialized network of professionals to collaborate on energy,environmental, and sustainability topics which can lead to transformative actions.

EarthPeople Media is a communications firm and publisher of books and content on business, culture, sustainability and social innovation. Since launching as a consultancy in 2005, EarthPeople has helped startups, NGOs, and Fortune 500s strengthen brand equity, human capital and environmental leadership. Among its services, EarthPeople provides branding, communication strategy, corporate social responsibility reporting, public relations and publishing.

Sustainable Economic and Environmental Development Solutions (SEEDS) Global Alliance, assists organizations with “triple bottom line” focused business process improvement, environmental sustainability, green supply chain and regulatory compliance management.  SEEDS is all about business innovation & ideation in the manufacturing environment. Our advisors and partners use a progressive approach that allows us to rapidly assess unique business risks and opportunities, and champion the development of customized, “boots on the ground” manufacturing solutions.

Core services include:

  • multi-media environmental compliance and policy management
  • pollution prevention/waste minimization
  • sustainability management systems and best practices
  • sustainable (green) supply chain management and life cycle analysis
  • organizational development and training
  • project development and financing
  • energy and water demand management and analysis
  • product to market support

Whether your organization is already headed down the sustainability path, seeking ways to continually improve and leverage existing practices, or a start-up enterprise with a great new ‘green’ manufacturing concept or product, we’ll help you stand out above your competition.  We help organizations rethink the way they think about themselves --- and turn that into real results- imagine that.

TopDown Lean Systems provides services for optimizing your safety stock levels and your production-line capacities. We apply advanced, proprietary algorithms to your data and your strategic service-level targets. Our comprehensive analyses correctly represent your real world of demand and usage variation, supplier constraints and MRP parameters – so you may make well-informed, sound business decisions.

is an organizational development practice that designs and facilitates problem solving. Clients in the for-profit, non-profit and public sector include environmental firms, manufacturing firms, associations and public-private partnerships working to resolve climate, environment and public health challenges.