Clean Technology

If you are a US-based manufacturing company interested in sustainable manufacturing and have limited human and financial resources for this initiative, our professional services would best fit your needs.

Whether you are required by your customers or you want to become a sustainable manufacturer, we can help you make the necessary changes and achieve significant value for your company and your stakeholders. As an added benefit, while sustainability is an emerging megatrend, through our work together we will develop and grow a community of practice in sustainable manufacturing.

Our primary focus is on your processes and product portfolio. You can choose to make incremental or transformational changes or both, depending on what stage you are on the sustainability path and the level of investment you can allocate to this initiative. The cost of change will be in any case lower than the cost of inaction.

We will inform you about the ICT tools, freely or commercially available, with an unbiased view, and let you decide which ones fit best the process and product changes you will pursue.

When you engage our services, you should expect the following outcomes:
  > New sources of revenue, improved asset management, cost avoidance  

  > Experience in building the circular economy  

  > Creation, adoption and promotion of clean technologies and products

  > Customer, supplier and other stakeholders’ loyalty

  > Strengthened competitive advantage

  > Renewed employee creativity and motivation

Your company will benefit from one or more of the following offers, depending on your needs and objectives:

  • Sales CARBON Operations Planning (SCOP)

    A new dimension to the S&OP process: the company’s carbon footprint

    Profit maximization opportunities from sustainable practices

    Demand and supply side novel solutions from product design to sourcing and delivery

    Value chain responsiveness to the triple environment: economic, natural and social

  • Sustainability Planning

    Process Design and Objectives

    Operational Performance Measures

    Financial Performance Measures

    Management Systems 

    Certifications, Standards and Reporting

  • Sustainability Risk Management

    Use of scarce resources: energy, water, raw materials

    Design and operation of manufacturing processes for eco-efficiency and eco-effectiveness

    Waste elimination and recirculation

    Quantifying and disclosing risks to regulators, investors and customers

  • Product Lifecycle Management

    Principles and tools of sustainable design

    Life cycle assessment from design to reuse

    Design for eco-machining and eco-manufacturing

    Design for disassembly and remanufacturing

  • Circular Economy

    Principles and framework

    Circular design

    Building a local circular economy or eco-industrial park

    Roadmap for adoption

    Understanding and reducing company’s externalities