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Sustainable Manufacturing is defined by the US Department of Commerce
"as the creation of manufactured products that use processes that minimize negative environmental impacts, conserve energy and natural resources, are safe for employees, communities, and consumers and are economically sound.

We define Sustainable Manufacturing as a business practice of the industrial sector, which expands all the company’s processes and decisions into the social and natural environments it operates in and affects, with the explicit objective of having a neutral or positive impact, while pursuing the desired level of technological and economic performance.


The precise definition is less important than the acceptance that manufacturing needs to transform itself along the principles and objectives of sustainable development. There is an undeniable consensus in the global scientific community on the fact that Earth’s main cycles are altered by us, humans. We live in the Anthropocene, a period in Earth’s history started by the Industrial Revolution, a period that coincides with modern civilization.

We have an obligation to share the achievements of modern civilization equitably with all current and future generations, while ensuring that the global human footprint does not exceed the Earth’s capacity to sustain its diverse, complex and unique biosphere.

Industrial manufacturing is at the core of Anthropocene. A return to pre-industrial manufacturing as a way to bring humanity back in balance with the Earth’s natural cycles is not an option. The only viable option is to make certain changes: how goods are manufactured, exchanged, transported, valued; where goods are manufactured in relation to where they are consumed or used; the boundaries and timeline a manufacturing entity is responsible for; how value created by manufacturing is shared.

Sustainable Manufacturing Consulting embraces these changes. It is founded on the conviction that sustainability creates great opportunities for resilience, competitiveness and innovation to manufacturing companies transitioning from the carbon-constrained economy of the 20th century to the circular, carbon-neutral, fair, prosperous economy of the 21st century.

Sustainable Manufacturing Consulting
provides professional services and practical solutions to manufacturing companies interested in incorporating sustainability in their business model and decision-making process.

Our mission is to help US small and medium sized manufacturers drive the change for sustainable manufacturing and succeed on the triple top line: economic, social and natural. Our approach is based on and strongly supports scientific discovery, engineering work, technological innovation and creative thinking.